You are invited to this website to share your thoughts, experiences. and expertise with each other and with everyone else concerned about public services. We hope to interest scholars, journalists, insurance companies, actuaries, government and business advisers, public officials, elected representatives, candidates, voters and taxpayers . . . and to discuss with others of any services you have to offer.

We want to test a way to improve public services by saving money and lives that may have been overlooked because of its interdisciplinary nature.

Each of us can invest in ways to reduce our chances and our costs of being harmed. Our best investments will be measured by insurance companies whose costs are lowered. Whether we are insured or self insured, we will be rewarded by lower risks and costs. Meanwhile inventive individuals and companies are inspired to keep searching for cost effective improvements in safety and security! This is the very essence of social impact investing.

Public investments are not guided by these same incentives! As tragic events suggest, some policing methods, court decisions and prisons may reduce our safety and security while national and international peacekeeping efforts may even multiply these dangers.

Measuring and comparing public services in many towns, counties, cities, states, and nations with each other, and with non-profit and private alternatives, enables insurance and other experts to detect the most and least successful of their methods.

The best public health and welfare services will repay their costs by helping help people better pursue their happiness.

The best policing methods, court decisions, and prisons will reduce crimes and help criminals become breadwinners able to repay their victims and taxpayers for some of their costs – even all of these costs as crimes and their costs decline.

Insurance will become more and more affordable as investments in safety and security reduce our risks to those decided by Lady Luck and Mother Nature. Funding of safety and security repaid by insurance is eagerly supplied in proportion to wealth plus potential incomes. This ultimate form of funding is far more progressive than most taxes and will have widespread support.

National and international peacekeeping services, public and private, will pay for themselves by reducing today’s enormous costs of violence and destruction. With success, we may be offered and then refunded by peace insurance! The promise of the peace dividend will finally be realized!

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