An Invitation

Can public services be measured and keep improving? Can benefits for powerful interests be replaced by benefits for all of us? Whether you are hopeful or dubious, we invite you to join or follow this dialog. If you are a taxpayer, voter, candidate, elected representative, and/or a public official you are invited to participate. Let us know if you also have services to offer. Your comments and questions may influence these 15 initial “suggestions”:

1) Vital public services are intended to increase our safety and security. Few of them are measured and studied so the most cost effective methods can be adapted to improve other towns, cities, states – and nations.

2) Private products and services involved in safety and security are measured – and most important of all – the best of them are fully funded and rewarded by lower insurance costs!

3) Two powerful incentives – saving lives and money – cry out for us to measure crucial public services, then adopt and adapt their most successful methods, skills, and technologies.

4) Any of us can encourage these measurements and changes. This site is available to combine and multiply our efforts.

5) The cost of these initial changes may be dwarfed by the benefits. Saving more money and lives will invite constant improvements and new discoveries.

6) Policing services that earn their trust in lawless neighborhoods may be the first improvements to reduce recent public and private tragedies and all their costs.

7) Criminal court decisions and prisons can begin rehabilitating many criminals to repay their share of these public costs and their victims.

8) Treated as education, public health and welfare services may rapidly reduce both of these public costs.

9) Regulations can mirror the rewards provided by insurance – and will probably be reinforced by punitive damages assessed by courts for failing to save money and lives.

10) These powerful carrots and sticks may expose powerful insiders and their crony capitalism.

11) Safer roads and public utilities will be inspired by saving money and lives. The results may be the same as full public liability, exposing needless tragedies created by public immunity and legislated caps on private liablility.

12) Safety and security re-funded by insurance means those with great wealth and high incomes will be eager to provide most of funds – the opposite of today’s incentives to minimize their taxes.

13) As public safety and security increase insurance costs will fall for everyone. More of us are likely to buy insurance and will be rewarded for investments in our own safety, staying employed, taking care of our health and our retirement.

14) The need for public health, unemployment and old age assistance will be steadily reduced. Every nation can keep reducing its debts and taxes, above all because of the next and final suggestion.

15) Money saving funds for our safety and security may soon overwhelm the funds lost in violence, destruction, and warfare. Will many different peacekeeping efforts keep finding and improving ways to insure world peace?

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